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B i o g r a p h y

Emelia Banninger is a bassoonist who recently finished studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London, England. Emelia was completely self-taught on both flute and bassoon until arriving at California Polytechnic State University for her Bachelor of Arts in music with a minor in mathematics. There, she studied bassoon with Lisa Nauful and completed her degree in 2017. She then went to study bassoon performance as a postgraduate at The Royal Academy of Music.

She studied with John Orford and Amy Harman over the two-year program and has graduated with a Master of Arts degree. She also studied contrabassoon with Simon Estell and Fraser Gordon.

Some of Emelia’s highlight performances include Elliott Carter's Asko Concerto with the London Sinfonietta Academy, Mozart’s Don Giovanni with the Royal Academy Opera, solo bassoon concertos with both the Cal Poly Wind Ensemble and the Cal Poly Symphony, the Royal Academy Sainsbury Soloist Showcase, as well as multiple performances with the Royal Academy Symphonic Orchestra and the Royal Academy Symphonic Winds.

Now that she has finished her Masters degree, her plans for the future are to establish herself in California, continue to freelance and audition, and perhaps begin studies in jazz. She hopes to become a recognized studio and orchestral bassoonist.

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